Custom shirts for craft beer event in Toledo (Glass City Craft Crawl)

by john amato

glass city craft crawl t-shirts

Who doesn't love a great craft beer? And can there really be too many breweries in Toledo?

The city of Toledo has a wonderful history of brewing. With a bunch of new breweries opening up in the last few years, our favorite local industry is coming back stronger than ever. 

We are proud to say that we work with our fair share of local breweries - Maumee Bay Brewing, Upside Brewing, Black Frog Brewery, Twin Oast Brewing, and Inside the Five to name a few.

If people like anything as much as beer it's t-shirts of their favorite beers and breweries. And we're more than happy to print all of the fun beer shirts we can.

If you needed another reason to love Uptown Toledo, here it is. The newest brewery in Toledo, HEAVY Beer Company, is opening up on Adams Street. 

We try not to show our bias about the companies that we work with, but it's hard not to with Heavy Beer.

The team at HEAVY Beer is doing more than making a tasty beverage. They are renovating a previously vacant building on our street and building community with the space they are creating. 

Although they are a new small business, they are making an outsized impact.

The Glass City Craft Crawl goes to show their commitment to making Toledo a better and more exciting place.

Here are the event details from the craft crawl:

HEAVY Beer Company is proud to present the First Annual Glass City Craft Crawl, taking place on Adams St. Thursday, August 5th through Sunday, August 8th. The Craft Crawl coincides with Toledo Jeep™ Fest, providing Toledoans and out of town guests a way to enjoy some of the best beer the area has to offer.

The Glass City Craft Crawl will feature beer from Maumee Bay Brewing Company, Earnest Brew Works, Upside Brewing, Wild Side Brewing Company, Pavlov's Brewing Company, Patron Saints Brewery, Black Frog Brewery, Twin Oast Brewing, Inside the Five Brewing Company, Quenched & Tempered Brewing Co., and HEAVY Beer Company. The participating breweries beer will be available at Manhattan's Pub 'n Cheer, The Ottawa Tavern, The Attic On Adams, Georgjz419 Fun, Food, & Spirits, Carlos' Poco Loco, and Wesley's Bar, in addition to an outdoor beer garden at the future home of HEAVY Beer Company at the corner of Adams and 13th.

It's important to us that we are able to be a great provider of custom shirts to local businesses and events. We are doing our best to make a positive impact on Northwest Ohio and are grateful that organizations like HEAVY Beer choose to use us when they need event shirts.

If you haven't already, we recommend checking out HEAVY Beer and all of the great local beers that Toledo has to offer. You won't be disappointed. 

And if you're a local brewery and we aren't printing your shirts, we'd love a chance. Reach out to us today


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