Custom Event Fundraiser Shirts: Cornhole for Cancer

by john amato

soft blue cancer fundraiser shirt

We've been printing shirts for our friend Matt down in North Carolina for a handful of years. He reaches out to us on a regular basis for family vacation shirts and cancer fundraiser shirts.

We always say that our best customers are our existing customers. We like working with Matt because he always chooses nice shirts to print on and gives us fun designs to print.

And who doesn't love a fun day of cornhole?!

It's not uncommon for us to ship t-shirt orders out of state every day. Even though we ship these shirts to North Carolina, we can still make them affordably and quickly. 

When you're putting together a bulk shirt order like this, cost is important. In this specific situation it's for an event to raise awareness and money to fight cancer. 

The better your costs are on your t-shirts, the more money you can raise when selling them or giving them to donors. 

Custom designed shirts are great items for fundraisers. Everyone loves a new t-shirt. Especially when it is a soft comfortable shirt like we used for this event. Additionally, people like to extend their support for the cause beyond the event. A shirt gives them something tangible and practical to wear after the day of the event. 

We love printing shirts for important causes and charitable events. While at the end of the day we are just printing t-shirts, it's nice to know that what we are doing can help make a difference. 

If you need to place a bulk order of custom designed shirts for your non-profit, charity, or fundraising event, we'd love to help out. 

We have been screen printing custom shirts for these types of organizations for ten years. We have the expertise and experience to make the ordering process easy and make your shirts look cool.

Reach out to us today to help with your order of custom event shirts for your event or non-profit.

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