Custom camo hoodies for local photographer (Nick Amrhein)

by john amato

nick amrhein self portrait


As a local business, we have a lot of fun printing apparel for other local businesses. Especially when they're on cool garments like this!

Nick Amrhein is a local videographer and photographer that we have printed shirts for many times in the past. He has strong, clean, effective, simple branding that translates beyond his visual work into apparel.

When Nick reached out to us for some new custom branded camo hoodies, we were excited not only because he helps us with our vidoes and photos, but because he wanted us to print on a really cool hoodie. 

Nick Amrhein is a well known name among Toledo creatives. He's a very rare success story of a young entrepreneur who went out on his own at a young age and has been successful since. It has been fun to work with him, to see his business grow, and to witness the positive impact he has made in Northwest Ohio. 

Thank you Nick Amrhein for choosing us to make your custom gear.

If you want to create your own custom apparel, email us at or fill out the contact form on our custom screen printing page to get your order started.


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