Jupmode Store at Cricket West (Toledo, Ohio, Midwest Apparel and Gifts)

by Molly Joyce

Did you know that Jūpmode has a second retail location at Cricket West?

For those who aren't quite sure where this is, it's located in West Toledo on the outskirts of Old Orchard. Since the 1960s, Cricket West has been home to many local businesses and we are proud to have a storefront there. 

Jupmode at Cricket West

From fun holiday pop-up shop...

In December of 2019, we decided to have a temporary pop-up in time for the holidays. While we were there, we were greeted kindly by our West Toledo shopping friends and our neighbors in Old Orchard and Ottawa Hills. 

In spirit of the holidays, there were a couple of different sales that went on to promote Black Friday and shopping for Small Business Saturday. We gave prizes out such as pint glasses, keychains, and even coupons for Cake in a Cup.  

Cricket West Pop up

To a full time Toledo gift shop!

We loved our time at Cricket West so much that we decided to keep the fun going by making our location permanent!

February 8th, 2020 marks when we officially opened our second retail location. We had giveaways, a raffle, and even launched a new shirt for our friends in Old Orchard. 

Though the pandemic put a halt on many businesses, including ours, our Cricket West location is doing great despite the many, unforeseen obstacles.

Throughout the pandemic, the Jūpcrew worked hard to make sure that our customers had positive shopping experiences and were able to do so safely. 

We love being in West Toledo so we can have a location that is convenient and close to some of our friends that aren't near Adams Street. Being at Cricket West lets us say hello to students at the University of Toledo and to our neighbors in Ottawa Hills and Old Orchard. 

419 Day at Cricket West

Best. Gifts. Ever.

Cricket West is stocked with t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, socks, koozies, and so much more. From nostalgic, vintage Toledo t-shirts to repping America's Heartland, and everywhere in between, we have the perfect apparel waiting for you. 

We take pride in where we're from and what we do. We're proud to say that not only do we live in Toledo but we design, screen print, and embroider all of our clothing in our Toledo production facility.

If you're out near Cricket West visiting Costco, Sip Coffee, Barry's Bagels or Whole Foods, come say hi to our retail team and check out our space.

We love being a part of the Cricket West community and are having so much meeting everyone that stops in. We're pretty darn proud of it and would love for you to see it. 

Jupmode Store Hours at Cricket West

Jupmode Cricket West
(419) 573-2666
3142 Markway Road
Toledo, Ohio 43606 (click for directions)
(Tues-Sat 11am-6pm)

(Sun 10am - 4pm)


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