Custom Class 1 Safety Jackets and Long Sleeve Shirts

by john amato

We've talked quite a bit around here about the safety apparel that we screen print and embroider for our customers. We make apparel for the construction industry more than any other industry. 

Our experience with and understanding of safety apparel is why our customers come back to us time and again to help them with safety clothing and hi-vis apparel. 

A recent order for a local Ohio business involved customization of Class 1 hi-vis safety jackets and Class 1 hi-vis long sleeve pocket shirts. 

Hi-Vis Construction Safety Jackets

class 1 safety jacket with embroidery

The black hi-vis jackets have hoods and wide reflective stripes. We embroidered the customer's full color logo on the left sleeve.

In our Buyers Guide for Custom Construction Shirts, we talk about identifying features of hi-vis safety clothing:

  • Fluorescent safety redyellowand orange colors go beyond brightness. They absorb and reflect colored light that intensifies their appearance for better daytime visibility.
  • Retro-reflective strips reflect a cohesive image back to the viewer and enhance the visibility of the wearer at night or in low light. 
  • Compliance testing rounds out the essential features. The ANSI requires testing by accredited laboratories for all compliant hi-vis manufacturers.
  • Custom printed logos don't obscure the retro-reflective strips and are easily legible.

Hi-Vis Safety Long Sleeve Shirts

hi-vis safety shirts

The long sleeve safety shirts that were part of this order were screen printed directly on the pocket. 

There aren't a lot of options for decoration on ANSI clothing because of the reflective safety strips. In order to maintain standards, we have to avoid them in decoration. This leaves the center front and back and upper sleeves as the most common print areas. 

Our article about essential features for construction shirts goes into more detail on safety shirts. Here are a few key safety regulations for safety clothing:

  • Fluorescent colors for daytime visibility—safety yellow and safety orange to contrast with the environment
  • Retro-reflective strips for nighttime or poorly lit areas that have no natural light
  • Retro-reflective strips should be a minimum of 50 mm wide and form an “X” at the back, vertical strips in front and a continuous strip around the waist
  • Long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts, no sleeveless shirts
  • Snug fitting in both the sleeves and torso to avoid snagging on machinery

Get Started on Your Custom Hi-Vis Order

Safety comes first on any jobsite. Hi-vis clothing is an easy way to make an immediate improvement on the safety of your team. Reach out to us today to outfit your crew in custom safety apparel.


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