Best 5 Shirt Blanks for Safety Shirts (Custom Construction Work Shirts)

by john amato

We print a lot of custom safety shirts and apparel around here. Hi-vis safety t-shirts are standard for construction companies because they help keep employees safe and on brand while at work. 

Since we have been making custom work shirts for so long, we have made a name for ourselves in the construction and manufacturing industries as a trusted, reliable, and easy to work with source for safety t-shirts. 

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What are the best safety shirts?

Over the years, we've found that these five shirts are the best shirts for printing safety shirts for your business:

  1. Gildan 5000
  2. Jerzees 29M
  3. Jerzees 29MP
  4. Bayside 5040
  5. Next Level 6210

There are several factors that help us define these individual shirts as the 'best'. Below we'll break down each shirt and explain why it's the best. 

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Your standard safety shirt: Gildan 5000

safety green shirts for aquablok

Gildan is the largest blank shirt manufacturer in the world. We couldn't make this list without including them. 

The Gildan 5000 is our standard Gildan shirt. They have a long list of color options and cover the safety shirt basics with their safety green and safety orange options. 

If you're looking for an affordable, reliable safety shirt, look no further than here. We use the Gildan 5000 for contractors, manufacturers, landscapers, and anyone looking to be seen while on the job.   

Our most popular safety shirt: Jerzees 29M

custom construction safety shirts for schoen inc

This is the shirt that we print more than any other, the Jerzees 29M. It comes in a lot of different colors and checks the safety box with safety green and safety oranges colors. 

The reason we print it the most is because we have a local supplier in Toledo that supplies this shirt. In addition, one of our largest accounts, a food manufacturing company in the Midwest, uses this shirt to supply all new hires with a custom branded shirt when they hire on.

This shirt is what people think of when they think of a construction t-shirt. It's a hard working 50/50 blend tee that is meant to be worn often and take a beating. They are high visibility, cost effective, and bright.

A safety pocket tee: Jerzees 29MP

safety green pocket tee

For a worker on a construction site, it's practical to have a pocket on your shirt. They are useful for holding a pen and notebook or other products that you might need to access easily and often.

Once again, we use the Jerzees brand shirts more than any other because we have a local supplier. That means we have easy access to them and can get them quickly.

The Jerzees pocket tee is a solid shirt just like the pocketless shirt, fits the same, and is affordable. When you want to keep it simple with a pocket tee or first recommendation is going to be this shirt which is available in safety green and safety orange.

A safety shirt made in the USA: Bayside 5040

american made safety shirt from bayside

It's more important than ever to support local American businesses. It's not always easy and may cost a little more, but there are options when it comes to safety t-shirts and apparel. 

Bayside is the leader in USA made t-shirts. We use the Bayside 5040 when construction and manufacturing companies request an American made shirt. 

It's a well made shirt, consistent, and 100% cotton. While the standard safety colors are slightly different than the other brands listed, we use the Lime Green and Bright Orange options when safety shirts are required. 

For organizations that require or would like union made shirts, Bayside also has a few options that fit the bill. 

You may pay a little more for Bayside shirts as they are made in the USA or union made, but we think it's worth it for the product you're receiving and the support you're showing to domestic business.

A softer safety shirt: Next Level 6210

custom safety tees for reino linen

In addition to being great at printing custom safety shirts, we specialize in screen printing vintage shirts. One thing that goes hand in hand with vintage shirts is a soft, comfortable tee. 

When a customer wants a bright, hi-vis shirt that is going to be worn more frequently and have a higher perceived value to customers, we recommend the Next Level 6210.

It's an affordable, soft shirt that is more comfortable and fashionable than your standard cotton or poly/cotton blend shirts. When you want a work shirt that people love to wear, this is your best bet. 

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