Employee uniforms and customer merch for local restaurant [Balance Grille]

by john amato

working on t-shirt art for balance grille

Balance Grille reached out to us this year to help them with custom employee uniforms and customer merch. We helped them put together a full line of screen printed shirts and headbands, embroidered hats and aprons, and bandanas.

Balance Grille is a shining start among local Toledo, Ohio restaurants and small businesses. They were founded by, PK and CJ, two young entrepreneurs from Northwest Ohio.

We're proud to say that we've been working with Balance Grille for almost ten years now. It's always great to work with other small, local businesses that care about supporting small local businesses. 

Balance Grille is successful for a lot of reasons. I don't have time to get into all of the reasons why, and I'm sure you know most of them if you've eaten there before, but their commitment to the local community is at the top of the list. 

They give more than they receive and they are deliberate about supporting local people and organizations. We are grateful for this commitment and to be a recipient of their generosity. 

One thing that really stands out about the clothing that we made for Balance Grille is the quality and consistency of their visual branding. They use clean, bold, simple logos and colors across many different products. Branding is about how you make people feel about your company. Balance Grille does an amazing job connecting people to their brand and making them feel happy, healthy, and a part of something special. 

We aren't gong to tell you where to eat, but we will tell you to support local businesses. For our money, it doesn't get much better than Balance Grille. Support the organizations that support you. 

balance grille bubble tea barista 

Here is a post on Balance Grille's Facebook page about our partnership.


Since 2006, Jūpmode has dedicated themselves to creating fun, fresh apparel and gifts for people who love the Midwest. From cozy tees and hoodies to one-of-a-kind gear for your dog, for yourself, or for that friend across the country who’s missing home. They share significant pride for the glass city that we know and love.

We have worked exclusively with Jupmode in printing our brand-new, clean and simple Balance Grille gear. 🌟

Pictured is their CEO, John Amato, enjoying his favorite peach bubble tea! 🍑


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