Year End Recap: 2020 Community Shirt Impact on the Toledo Community

by Molly Joyce

Thank you, to everyone who helped our community in 2020! 

There is no doubt that 2020 was a bit bumpy for many people. As the New Year is here, we look back and see there was still a lot in 2020 that we are grateful for. We are happy to share with you that throughout 2020, we sold over 6000 community shirts that raised $59,112 for our community and we couldn't have done it without you! 

In case you missed any, here is a recap of our 2020 Community Shirts!

January: Toledo is for Everyone

Benefitting The Ability Center

348 shirts sold 

The year started off on a great note with our Toledo is for Everyone Community Shirt. We partnered up with the Ability Center in effort to help make Toledo the most disability-friendly community in the country. 

May: Be Kind to Animals

Benefitting Toledo Humane Society

222 shirts sold 

For our third community shirt of 2020 we partnered with the Toledo Humane Society. As many of you know, we at Jupmode are huge animal lovers. The Humane Society’s mission is to lead the community in efforts focused on relieving the suffering of, preventing cruelty to, and providing for the humane treatment of animals. 

September: Growing Community

Benefitting Urban Wholistics

108 shirts sold 

You can probably guess what our September’s community shirt, “Growing Community,” was all about...Growing our community! This shirt benefitted Urban Wholistcs which through the development of green spaces, Urban Wholistics is able to engage the community through education, instruction, land development and the creation of economic opportunities.

November: Votes for Women

Benefitting the League of Women Voters

315 shirts sold 

In 2020, the League of Women Voters celebrated their 100th anniversary towards the commitment to advocacy and education. Our November Community Shirt “Votes for Women,” we partnered with the League in effort to spread voter equality and female empowerment in creating a diverse and equal democracy.  

We saw a greater need to step in and help the community in 2020. That’s exactly what our Community Shirts are designed to do. When the pandemic hit and social unrest arose, we created shirts to stand in support with our fellow community members. 

In addition to our Here for good, here are our special releases:

United We’re Strong

Benefitting The United Way of Toledo

667 shirts sold 

March was the beginning of a wild remainder of the year. Despite entering into a global pandemic, we successfully launched our second community shirt of the year - “United We’re Strong” with United Way. This shirt contributed to community needs such as meals for students while schools were closed, basic health needs, financial stability, and potential future needs. 

Stay Home for Each Other, Healthcare Hero, and Nurse Shirts

Benefitting Grubs for Scrubs

1774 shirts sold 

April was crazy in a great way. We launched three community shirts, Stay Home for Each Other, Healthcare Hero, and Nurse Shirt and donated a portion of the proceeds to Deet’s BBQ’s Grubs for Scrubs initiative. Proceeds assisted in donating local food to hospitals to feed our hardworking healthcare workers. 

Live Your Protest

Benefitting The Frederick Douglass Center

419 shirts sold 

In June, we saw people taking action across the country as well as right here in Toledo to use their voices and unite against racism and police brutality suffered by the Black Community. Reggie Williams, the executive director for the Frederick Douglass Community Association, said to 'live your protest' and that living your protest means to 'look after your fellow man and aspire to be better people.' We partnered with the Frederick Douglass Community Association to stand in solidarity with this message and the commitment to make a difference in our hometown and raised $5,028 to help the cause! 

Toledo is Family

Benefitting The Dia Family

2184 shirts sold 

We received a lot of requests about creating a shirt to honor the memory and support the family of Officer Anthony Dia. This shirt was created in memory of him and his final words, "Tell my family I love them." Proceeds from the sale of this shirt benefitted the Dia family.

New In 2020, we created the Toledo Community Shirt Club! By joining the club, you are automatically enrolled in our program and will receive our new community shirt every 60 days. Club members get their shirts at a discounted price AND receive free shipping on all Jupmode orders!

And don't forget about our Here for Good campaign...

In addition to our Community Shirts, in 2020 we created our Here for Good campaign which raised more than $135,000 for local businesses. Over 12,500 shirts were sold to support nearly 500 local businesses. We were blown away by the response to this campaign. 

Toledoans truly showed up to support their local businesses and we are proud to be part of this strong community! 

Do you know of a good cause that you would like to see made into a Community Shirt? Let us know here


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