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midwesterner clothing and gifts

Best midwesterner Gifts

There is no better feeling than giving the perfect gift. You'll have no problem finding something for the proud Midwesterner in your life in our Midwest collection. Spread your love for your home and the Midwest with our soft, comfortable vintage inspired Midwest apparel  and gifts: Midwesterner Gift Guide.

best state of ohio gifts

Did you know that we got our start selling shirts that were licensed by the Ohio State University? That's right, our first shirt was the Ohio State Sweater Vest T-Shirt. For those not as familiar or too young to remember Coach Jim Tressel, this was a shirt which made it look like you were wearing a sweater vest and tie - just like Coach Tress! While we no longer have a license with OSU, our pride for the Buckeye State has only grown. From Columbus to Cleveland to Cincinnati to Dayton and everywhere in between, we have something special for everyone that calls Ohio their home. Check out our gift guide for ideas on what to get your favorite Ohioan:
Ohio Gift Guide.

ohio t-shirt and sweatshirt
Toledo Ohio Gifts

Best Toledo Ohio Gifts

As a proud Toledo business, we like to think that nobody loves Toledo as much as us. After all, how can you argue with the slogan, You Will Do Better in Toledo? We feel like we do better in Toledo every day! That's why we're so boisterous in our support of Northwest Ohio. If your love for the 419 area runs deep like ours or you know someone who feels the same way, then you've come to the right place. Our line of Toledo apparel and gifts is just what you're looking for. Check out this gift guide to give you a few ideas on our most popular items: Toledo Ohio Gift Guide.

best michigan gifts

There's a lot to love about Michigan. Being so close to the border, we've known all of these reason for a long time. It's hard to imagine summers not traveling up north, heading to cottages on the Michigan Lakes, or catching a baseball game at Tiger Stadium. We're proud of our ever expanding line of Michigan apparel and gifts. The soft, comfortable, vintage designs will remind you of home no matter where you are:  Michigan Gift Guide.

state of michigan clothing
Toledo Ohio Gifts

Best Great Lakes Gifts

Looking for the best Great Lakes apparel and gifts on this side of Lake Michigan? We've got you covered. From socks to t-shirts to sweatshirts, blankets and more, this collection has the greatest gifts for anyone who loves freshwater fun. Find it here: Great Lakes Gift Guide

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“Great store for Ohio-based clothing. The clothing selection is great. Bought multiple gifts for my wife from here as we no longer live in the Midwest but she appreciates the celebration.”


“The best quality Ts and sweatshirts! They're cute and comfy and they wash/wear super well. Gotta love being able to have the softest shirts ever and supporting local!” 


“Love the shirts I ordered. They are extremely comfortable.” 


“Cool selection of high quality apparel items and collectibles that are Ohio-centric.”


“I frequent their retail, especially for gifts. My husband, sons and I all represent Ohio with Jupmode's awesome gear. Awesome designs and great materials.”


"My husband, my sister, and I absolutely love this place; they have a wonderful selection of Toledo gear and very helpful staff! We have a competition to see who can collect the most T-shirts 😂! Definitely recommend this establishment to anyone and everyone!"