Best Midwesterner Gifts

Looking for the best gifts for someone who loves the Midwest? Look no further! 

Calling all Midwesterners! Whether you're from the Midwest, moved to the Midwest, or just love to Midwest all around, you probably know the Midwest truly is best, so why not represent it?!

From Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota and Missouri to Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, us Midwesterners have a great sense of pride and soul for the Midwest. From the Great Lakes and adventuring Up North to explore to weekend getaways at the cabin or cottage, there is a lot to love about the easiness of the Midwest. 

Jupmode is proud to be not only an Toledoan, but also a Midwesterner store. We receive orders from practically everywhere, but it means something more to us when a Midwesterner orders from our business because it gives us the feeling of familiarity, of handing over our sweatshirts to those fellow Midwesterners who just seem to understand our belief in the cozy-comfy lifestyle.

Midwest gifts are special because they embody the sense of home. Celebrate the Midwest with any of these Midwestern gifts. 

Ohio is the greatest crew sweatshirt

What to look for in an Midwest themed gift

There are many elements to finding the perfect Midwestern gift. A gift is a serious reflection of what the Midwest means to them. Even more, buying a Midwest-themed gift from a Toledo-based retailer is extremely special because it’s like being able to take the people and places that mean the most to you anywhere in the world, only this time it’s a gift that is uniquely made directly in the Midwest for your Midwesterner! 

Another important aspect to finding the perfect Midwestern gift is quality. What other brand do you know of that decorates their own apparel in house? That gives us an advantage in sampling new print techniques and products.

Jūpmode maintains its standard of creating durable and long-lasting apparel while also constantly brainstorming local, vintage, and relatable Midwest-themed designs.  

Midwesterner Mint Embroidered Sweatshirt

Midwesterner Crew Sweatshirt 

Our unisex Midwesterner crew sweatshirt is fun and classy all at once, a perfect description for any Midwesterner person in your life. Our pigmented dyed tone-on-tone design is stylish and cozy for any occasion. We are sure to sell out of this sweatshirt again, so get yours now! 

Euchre Shirts for the Midwesterner in us all! 

Imagine your favorite sweatshirt. So soft and cozy that you probably dread taking it off. Now imagine that again but this time it's big enough to cover your entire body AND is Midwestern themed! This sweatshirt blanket is a customer favorite and is perfect for those Midwestern winters to stay warm while showing off some Midwestern pride! 

Midwesterner Sweatshirt Blanket
Midwest Sunset Patch Sherpa Sweatshirt

Midwest Felt and Go Midwest

On chilly days, who doesn’t love to snuggle up in warm fleece or a cozy crew? These Midwest sweatshirts provide both! Our Midwest sweatshirts are designed to be everything Midwesterners need - a design that shows off their Midwest roots and a garment that will keep them comfy through it all! Besides, aren't sweatshirts everything we Midwesterners need this time of year?

Midwest Forever and ever mug and Midwest Heck Yes crew!

Who's ready to brighten up their winter wardrobe AND show off their Midwest pride? From the East Coast to the West Coast, this crew is sure to have everyone saying heck yes to the Midwest! Pair it with this Midwest Forever and Ever mug (and your favorite beverage) and your Midwest holidays will be a treat! 

Midwest is Best Corded Cropped Crew
Midwest is Best Tan Pigment Dyed Sweatshirt

Midwest America's Heartland Sweatsuit

Goodbye jeans, hello sweatsuits! Need we say more? This screen-printed and embroidered combo is here to whisk you away from the idea of ever wearing anything but this pigment-dyed sweatsuit again! This outfit is perfect for cuddling on the couch and watching your favorite cheesy movies while enjoying all the holiday goodies. Get yours now to learn why people love these so much.

Midwest Collection
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Soft vintage feel 

You know that feeling of putting on your coziest t-shirt or sweatshirt? So soft and comfortable. It's probably something you've had for a while. From the first time you put on something from our Midwest collection, you will feel that vintage softness every time. 

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One of a kind designs  

Our design team has creativity that is hard to be matched. Each Midwest design we create is in house and original guaranteeing unique designs for every piece we release. 

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Gives you the feeling of home in the Midwest

Do you ever see something that makes you think of home? Our Midwest designs are sure to spark some "home" emotions. Best part? When you wear it, its so cozy it transports you back to the American Heartland wherever you are in the moment. 

Jupmode's Top Midwest Gift Choices 

Whether you're looking for a gift for your grandchildren, favorite sibling, coworker, or that friend you want to convert to a Midwesterner, Jūpmode's Midwesterner gift collection has something for everyone. From sock bundles to campfire mugs to our entire Midwestern line, Jūpmode wants to remind everyone of their love for the American Midwest. 

Midwest Gifts for Her

Picking out the perfect gift for her can be a daunting task, especially with that Midwestern flair. This collection is sure to help you by providing the perfect combo of sentimental and cozy.

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Midwest Gifts for Him

Midwestern Boys can be so hard to shop for. This gift guide will help you choose something other than the typical watch or wallet. From vintage tees, to hats, socks and more, your guy is sure to love this collection.

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Midwest Gifts Them 

Still looking for something Midwest-related  to give to your children, friends, or family? Look no further! These tees are so comfortable it will become their favorite t-shirt.

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Pass the Puppy Chow

Four words you hear every holiday season "Pass the Puppy Chow!" Celebrate your favorite holiday treat with this soft tee. 

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Midwesterner Women's Crew Sweatshirt

One word, twelve letters, a whole lot of importance. The Midwest means so much to so many, so rep its meaningfulness now with this women's fit crew.

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Midwest Forever and Ever Crew Sweatshirt 

Midwest Forever and Ever Crew Sweatshirt

Who's ready for to get cozy, bake cookies, and watch holiday movies? Stay comfy forever and ever with this French-terry crew. 

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Midwest Is Best Corded Cropped Crew

Midwest Sock Bundle

The very best of the Midwest gift includes a garment that is so comfortable you'll want to dress it up and down! Wear at home or on the go and share your Midwest roots wherever you go.  

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The Midwesterner Apparel and Gifts 

Midwest Sunset Patch Hat

Midwest truly is the best. Give a Midwesterner the gift of Midwest pride during this holiday season. 

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Midwest Forever Is Best

The Midwesterner Apparel and Gifts

Our love for the Midwest extends beyond any certain number of years. Rep the Midwest forever and ever in this Midwest is best pigment-dyed crew!

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Influencers Love our Midwesterner...and so should you! 

When we started our embroidery crew collection here at Jupmode, we wanted to create a stylish, vintage, and classy garment that could be worn by anyone, anywhere. This tone-on-tone embroidered design caught the eye of influencer Olivia Rink. After she posted a photograph in the sweatshirt on her Instagram feed and stories, the popularity of this sweatshirt spiked across the United States!

Since then we have seen the crew on Brittany Benson in California and Alex Murphy from Minnesota From East Coast to West Coast, Midwesterners were coming to our website to get their own to show off their Midwest pride. 

From then on, the Midwesterner crew has been seen on influencers all over. Brittany Benson featured us on her blog, Alex Murphy has taken his on multiple fall photo photoshoots, and Emily Dunham even put us on her Friday Favorite’s.

We’ve seen the Midwesterner worn with pride throughout the US from NYC, to South Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Nebraska, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota all the way to California. Don’t be left out, get yours now!

YWDBIT Sign HistoryYWDBIT Sign History

Our History is Midwest History

When we think of the Midwest, we think of America's heartland. But there's so much more that the Midwest has given us than just a single nickname. The Midwest has provided endless inspiration through its combination of industry and beautiful nature, endless sunsets, and, of course, the Great Lakes.

While Midwesterners come and go through the years, once you're a Midwesterner, you stay a Midwesterner. We believe the Midwest truly is the best, and we wanted to create a gift collection that embodies all of these elements. Even if we are sometimes guilty of getting into heated debates about why it's pop and not soda, or that tennis shoes mean ALL sneakers, there is something rare and special about the Midwest that no other region could even try to copy. 

Hear what Jūpmode customers say about their Midwesterner Sweatshirt

"It's a beautiful, comfortable, fits-just-right sweatshirt. The color is very pretty and the embroidery on it is done really well. I love it and will definitely be buying more." - Kristin

"Quality and comfort is awesome." - Pam

"This sweatshirt arrived so quick as it shipped out the same day during a big sale. So impressed. It’s super cute in real life." - Diane

"Bought this because I saw someone on Instagram wearing it. Absolutely love the quality of it." - Morgan

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