Custom Business Embroidery in Toledo, Ohio

Do you need embroidered apparel for your business? Jūpmode is the answer to your custom embroidery needs.

Over the last few years, we have established ourselves as the place to go in Toledo, Ohio for custom corporate embroidery.

In fact, our embroidery department has been growing so fast that we've doubled our capacity in just two short years since we brought in our six head embroidery machine.

It's a testament to our commitment to quality and customer service that we have been able to grow in this way. 

Embroidered apparel, from polos to hats to bags to jackets, are some of the best gift items to for employees and customers alike. 

We like to toot our horn a bit and give you four reasons to choose Jupmode for your custom embroidery.

But we get it, we're a little biased. Need to hear it from someone else? Check out our over 200 5 star reviews on Google.

Speed - Embroidery doesn't move as fast as screen printing. If you've ever placed an embroidery order before, you know that lead times are longer. We've built our business on moving a little bit faster than the shop you used to work with and bring that same mentality to embroidery. When you need to get holiday gifts to your employees by Christmas and you procrastinated just a little bit, we'll be the shop that makes magic happen to get it done for you in time. 

Creativity - Do you need help with creating artwork for your embroidered apparel? That's not a problem for us. In fact, most of our customers need help creating their own design. We have experienced in-house graphic designers that can bring your idea to life! Email us your ideas ( and we'll create a full color design mock up. 

Customer service - How frustrating is it when you reach out to a company for a price quote and don't hear back? Or it takes a week for a response or you don't get answers to questions asked? We know that your order is important to you and we treat it that way. Your success is our success. Our customer service and design department are available Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM to assist you with your custom embroidery screen printing needs. You can even call us at 419.318.2029.

Quality - With over 20 years experience in embroidery, our in house production team takes pride in our work to bring you the highest quality embroidery in Northwest Ohio. How does a ten year old company have over 20 years experience in embroidery, you might ask? Well, we prioritize hiring great people with experience. Trust us, if you are lucky enough to meet Jodi, our lead embroiderer, you're going to love her more than her work. And her work is top notch. Not only does our embroidery department have industry experience, we use state of the art equipment and we're constantly learning new technology and techniques to keep us at the top of our game.

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Hear what Jūpmode customers say about their custom embroidery

"Wow! What an impressive turnaround on our order of embroidered polo shirts. They turned out perfectly and we were all left very pleased with the entire experience. Jupmode is very professional, very responsive and a pleasure to work with. We will be back again!" - Don C.

"John, Tara, and the whole Jupmode team were amazing! I'm in Chicago, but it's like I was next door. They helped finalize the custom design I was looking for and the shirts turned out great. They handled everything on-time and on-budget! Highly recommend!" - Matt

"Business is about relationships. The Food Court @ St. John's Jesuit has had an excellent ongoing relationship with Jupmode. From ordering to pick up the experience is a pleasure. It has been a joy to watch the business evolve." - Sharon

"We appreciate the support of our nonprofit, Courageous Community Services. The quality of the clothing is exceptional. We are proud to support this local business, and we plan to do so in the future." - Laura

"Your company did an amazing job! Faster turnaround on our T shirt order than expected! I would highly recommend this company to everyone I know!!" - Patrick P.

"Jupmode does a fantastic job communicating and getting us the products we are looking for in a timely manner. Great work from a great team!" - Anne

What to look for in an embroider:

As we like to tell people, embroidery isn't a sophisticated trade, but there is a lot of nuance to it. 

When choosing an embroiderer, you want to find a company with the experience to understand all of the possibilities and variables in embroidery. 

Each person has different individual needs from there embroiderer. You could make the decision based on price, quality, design capabilities, or any other service. 

All of these factors, and more, can come into play when choosing a shop to embroidery your clothing.

If you don't have specific needs or you are approaching your order with no expectations, embroidery is similar to many other service based industries. The customer service provided during and after the ordering process provides the most value to the relationship.

At Jupmode, we pride ourselves in all aspects on the order and we're ready to help you get started on your embroidery order.

Looking for quality embroidered apparel? We've got you covered.

custom embroidered nike golf polo

Golf Polos

There's no look that says business professional than a classic golf polo. Good for any season and any occasion, you're going to make a lot of new friends with a gift of a custom branded polo. 

We have access to a lot of great brands for polos - Nike Golf, Ogio, Under Armour, Spyder, Puma, and even the hottest new golf brand, Travis Mathew.

Hit us up for your next polo order. We guarantee we'll help you look better than Charles Barkley's golf swing!

Hats and Beanies

We''ll tell you what, sometimes it feels like all we do is embroider hats. When we added a new embroidery machine earlier this year, we left one set up to run hats all day!

Hats and beanies are a great gift item because they are so versatile. You don't have to worry about sizing, they are affordable, and everybody needs at least one nice hat!

There are a lot of great hat styles out there. Get in touch with us today and we'll let you know which ones we love right now.

ohio shirt made with flowers that spell ohio
ohio is the greatest t-shirt

Embroidered Crew Sweatshirts

Oh man, let us tell you, we weren't prepared for how popular our embroidered crew sweatshirts were last year. But boy, did we sure enjoy the rush!

One of the best parts about having this unique look in our retail brand was that it gave our customers are great look to use for their brand. 

If you're from the Midwest, you know that crew sweatshirts are a year long fit. They don't go to the back of the closet come summer - they become your go to at night on the lake or at the bonfire.

Top Embroidery Brands of 2021

We print a lot of different clothing on a daily and weekly basis for corporate customers and our own brand. Here are some of our favorite and most popular brands that we print for local businesses.

Nike Golf

There is no better name recognition out there for Golf polos and apparel than Nike. It's an easy option because everybody is so familiar with it. Check out the link below to see all of the great Nike options we can put your brand on.

Learn More

Under Armour

Under Armour has broken through over the last few years into the custom corporate wear space. Everyone knows them because of their high quality, trendy styles, and prominence in athletics. If you want to showcase your brand alongside one of the most popular brands out there, go UA.

Learn More

Charles River

Sometimes the best brands aren't the big name brands. We love Charles River so much that we use some of their items in our retail brand. Great for fleece jackets and quarter zips and known for trendy, professional styles for people of all ages, we can't recommend Charles River enough.

Learn More


Ogio made their name with quality bags. Totes, duffles, and golf bags are what they're known for. Over the years they've expanded their line with great polos and outerwear. We recommend it for all businesses and brands.

Learn More

Porth Authority

We embroider more Port Authority apparel than any other brand. They have affordable,  well made options ranging from polos to jackets to quarter zips to hats and bags. If you need something embroidered, chances are Port Authority has an option or two for you.

Learn More

Richardson Headwear

We LOVE embroidering hats. Our favorite hat brand to work with is Richardson. They have a lot of popular cap styles to choose from, they're well built, and our customers love them. You can't ask for much more. 

Learn More

Check out some of our custom embroidery work

established 1979 embroidered hat
lyle's crepes t-shirt and hat
puff embroidery hat
bbsi embroidered quarter zip
metroparks toledo hat
custom embroidered backpack for comprehensive centeres for pain management
gray embroidered 1/4 zip that say the Job Shop
knit winter beanies that say RoBEX
custom embroidered nike polo for surface combustion

Our Experience in Custom Embroidery

We started screen printing in house in 2012 in a small print studio in Perrysburg. 

Over the years the company has grown steadily and we started to offer embroidery services early on to complement our custom screen printing. 


After we outgrew our original space and moved into our new (to us) 13,000 square foot space, the time was right to expand our embroidery operation. 

While we were using a small, single head embroidery machine at first, in 2018 we brought in a brand new six head embroidery machine. This allowed us to decorate six items at a time. 

Most importantly, we also hired an embroiderer with over 20 years industry experience to operate the equipment. 

Check out this video to see how we embroidery hats on our six head embroidery machine

Custom embroidered hats are one of the most popular items for our embroidery department. Their popularity stems from the fact that they come in a lot of cool styles, anyone can wear them, and they are one size fits all.

Hats are so trendy right now that nearly half of all of our embroidery work is hats. They are a great cost effective giveaway for businesses.

Embroidering hats is a little different than embroidering polos or jackets. We have a special hat hoop that is shown in this video that helps us get it on the machine. Check it out to learn how a hat is decorated!

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