Why You'll Love the Ohio Shirt Club (Ohio Shirt of the Month)

by Molly Joyce

What exactly is the Ohio Shirt Club? 

The Ohio Shirt Club is a monthly t-shirt subscription! 

For only $18 per month, you'll become an official member of the club and receive a brand new Ohio themed tri-blend t-shirt. 

Our Ohio Shirt Club Shirts are the same soft t-shirts  we use in our retail brand, but we are offering it to you for $6 less! 

By joining the club, you'll immediately receive our Ohio Shirt Club Member t-shirt. On the first of each month is when we send our official shirt of the month! 

Ohio Shirt Club April Shirt of the Month


Why do we think you'll love it? 

If you love Ohio, wearing a soft and cozy t-shirt is an easy way to rep your pride!

Active Ohio Shirt Club members will receive special member benefits. From receiving exclusive t-shirts that are only available to club members to free shipping on all jupmode.com orders to special deals, club members will become Jupmode VIP members! 

What happens if you don't love a specific shirt or need a break?

You will have the flexibility to pause, edit, or cancel your subscription at any time with no penalties. 

You can even share this membership with family or friends! Whether you choose to gift the subscription or alternate months with your Ohio loving bff, there are many ways to share this subscription.

Learn more about the Ohio Shirt Club here


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