Where are you from? [Midwest, Ohio, Michigan Pocket Tees]

by john amato

three pigment dyed pocket shirts with designs on the pocket

Wear your hometown pride on your pocket

Do people peg you as a Midwesterner, Ohioan, or Michigander before you even tell them? Maybe it's that you call it pop not soda, or bring ranch to every cookout, or that you love weekends at the lake.

Make it easier on them by letting them know right out of the gate with our new pocket tees that let everyone know you're proud to be where you're from.

These new designs are printed on garment dyed pocket tees. The garment dyeing process makes them feel soft and broken in the first time you wear them - just like your favorite vacation tee and our embroidered crews

Show your pride in where you're from

While we really love the shirt these designs are printed on, what really makes them special is the design. It's a simple, subtle design that is softly printed on the pocket of the shirts. 

When showing your home state pride, it's not something you need to be big and bold with. You're a Midwesterner, after all. You're polite, you're deferential, and you lack pretention. Your quiet confidence speaks volumes.

We take a lot of pride in bringing you items that you aren't going to find with another Ohio t-shirt company. We design these shirts in house, pair them with the best shirt blank we can find, and screen print them in-house in our own production facility. 

You can find these new shirts in our Toledo, Ohio retail stores (we have two!) and on our website, Jupmode.com!


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