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Toledo Ohio Skyline Shirt (Toledo Shirt Club)

Toledo Ohio Skyline Shirt (Toledo Shirt Club)

toledo ohio shirt of the month

A fresh new Toledo, Ohio shirt delivered to your door each month

Now announcing...our next Toledo Shirt Club Shirt!

If we had to list some of the prettiest things in Toledo, a downtown skyline sunset would definitely be at the top of our list. And the Toledo skyline and waterfront don't get better than in the summertime. 

We designed this shirt for those that love Toledo all year around and especially when they can get out on the water to enjoy it up close.

Fun, soft Toledo shirts made easy

Are you looking to make your Toledo shirt buying or gifting simple? This is the way to do it. 

This new Toledo shirt will ship out July 15th to Toledo Shirt Club Members. Sign up now to show off your Toledo appreciation!

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