The Ohio Shirt Club begins with the Ohio State Sweater Vest T-shirt

by john amato

You might be wondering, why did Jupmode create an Ohio Shirt Club? Aren't they just a Toledo t-shirt company?

While you wouldn't be wrong in characterizing us as a Toledo t-shirt company, our roots and most popular shirts ever are actually Ohio t-shirts. Let me explain.

The very first shirt that I made was officially licensed by the Ohio State University. If you've been with us long enough to remember that, you're part of an elite group. 

jim tressel sweater vest t-shirt

I launched this company with just that one t-shirt idea: the Ohio State Sweater Vest T-Shirt. Since it's been about 10 years since Coach Tressel left OSU, I find that I need to explain this shirt more than I used to. It was a shirt that made it look like you were wearing a sweater vest and tie - just like Tress did on the sideliness as head coach for the Buckeyes.

It was a fun shirt and I got to know Ohio State fans better than I ever thought I would. 

Since then, Jupmode has continued to celebrate our love for Ohio with more graphic t-shirts. 

We have had Ohio themed shirts in Kroger Marketplace stores for five years now. You may recognize our gray and black displays when you walk in the store.

The designs are as specific as suburbs and small cities (Gahanna, Waterville, Newark, Sandusky) and even high schools (Olentangy, Dublin Scioto, Thomas Worthington, Perrysburg, Springfield).

I believe that people from Ohio have pride in their home state that is unmatched anywhere else. It's not uncommon to run into people from Ohio in an airport or see Ohio clothing in Florida or California or anywhere in between. And there's no better feeling than finding connection when you're way from home.

This is what we created the Ohio Shirt Club - to give people a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to show their love of and connection to Ohio. 

I hope you're as excited for the Ohio Shirt Club as we are!


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