Support St. Paul's Community Center with our "Inspire Hope" Community Shirt

by Molly Joyce

We are seeing our homeless population become more vulnerable than ever before. With the cold weather settling in and the pandemic continuing to surge, our homeless population and homeless shelters are facing more and more challenges.

This month, we’ve partnered with St. Paul's Community Center in efforts to inspire hope for our community members in need. St. Paul's Community Center focuses on helping people by giving them stability to get back on their feet. With every Inspire Hope shirt purchase, $5 will be donated to St. Paul's Community Center.


About St. Paul's 

St. Paul’s has five major programs: 
1. The Shelter: includes 30 beds for men and 5 beds for women. Residents work with a case-worker towards securing housing, linkage to mental health services, jobs and supportive services. 
2. The Food Program: serves approximately 53,000 meals per year to individuals in need. 
3. Winter Crisis: an overnight program during the coldest months of the year, offering a place to sleep, hot showers, warm clothing, dinner and breakfast to homeless individuals (in addition to the 35 shelter beds). 
4. Outreach and housing stability: Providing outreach services to homeless individuals living on the streets as well as housing stability for those already housed .
5. Representative Payee Program: provides budgeting and financial manage
If you want more information on how you can help, there are many ways to get involved. Check out a few ways here: 

About the Toledo Community Shirt Club

Through our Community Shirt series, we partner with good causes in the local area that are impacting the Toledo community in a positive way and help raise money and awareness through a t-shirt sale to support their mission. Every 60 days we partner with a new organization. $5 from the sale of each shirt is donated to their cause. 

We have created a Community Shirt Club for those who want to automatically support these good causes. With our membership program you will automatically order the new Community shirt when it is released every 60 days. By joining you will receive a 20% discount on the shirt. Our donation to the cause will remain the same.

Check out previous Community shirt designs in our Community Shirt Archive.

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