March Community Shirt Benefitting Seagate Food Bank (Toledo Community Shirt of the Month)

by Molly Joyce

For our March Community Shirt, we have partnered with Seagate Food Bank in efforts to help nourish our community!

For the next 30 days, $5 from every purchase of the limited edition Nourish Your Community Shirt will be donated to Seagate Food Bank to help provide the sustenance necessary for growth and health for people in our local community. 

Toledo Community Shirt Club: Nourish Your Community t-shirt benefitting Seagate Food Bank 

About Seagate Food Bank

Seagate Food Bank is the only independent food bank in Ohio. They are committed to providing food at no cost to over 400 pantries and programs in our community. Seagate Food Bank not only distributes food to pantries but deliveries food supplements to our seniors as well as provides food to support our veterans and their families. 

While their core service is distributing food to pantries and programs, Seagate Food Bank has developed multiple service programs to help meet community needs. As an independent food bank, Seagate Food Bank relies on several fundraising and food-raising events to help reach their goal in nourishing the community.

If you want more information on how you can help, there are many ways to get involved. Check out a couple of ways here:

This shirt can be found in both of our retail stores and on our website. It's only available the month of March. Don't miss out!


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