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Pass the puppy chow t-shirt (Snack T-Shirts)

Pass the puppy chow t-shirt (Snack T-Shirts)

t-shirt that says pass the puppy chow with a bowl of puppy chow on top of it

If you're from the Midwest, odds are that Puppy Chow is high on your list of favorite treats! The perfect combo of peanut butter and chocolate makes this snack impossible to keep to yourself.

If you ever had a bowl, you were definitely told to pass the puppy chow to share!

We made this shirt because we have so many fond memories with family and friends that were shared with a bowl of puppy chow. This is our way of bringing those memories back to you to share with your loved ones.

This shirt is screen printed on a soft heather grey triblend t-shirt. We can't promise there won't be any puppy chow residue on the shirt when you buy it!

You can get your Pass the Puppy Chow t-shirt in both of our retail stores or online at!

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