Ohio Shoots for the Moon! (Ohio Pride apparel)

by Molly Joyce

Ohio has a lot of cool history, but what's even cooler is that Ohio is credited with 78 space flights and 3 trips to the moon. Shoot for the moon!

Ohio Shoots for the Moon t-shirt

Ohio Shoot for the Moon!

As you may know, we have a lot of Ohioan pride. Being based out of Toledo, Ohio, we find something new each day to be proud of. From the Ohio State University sending 26 athletes to the 2021 Olympics to having the Buckeye State being home to 25 astronauts including John Glenn and Neil Armstrong there are a lot of cool people who come from Ohio.

If you're a history buff, proud Ohioan, or just a fan of the moon, then there's a good chance that this shirt is for you. 

An Everyday Shirt

No matter where you're headed, you can show off your Ohioan pride and even share a tidbit of information that others might not know! This shirt is ultra-soft, comfortable, and flexible to have you feeling great all day long. Bonus points if you wear it on National Moon Day! 

We have these waiting for you in-store and online at jupmode.com!


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