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Matching Ohio History Gifts (Vintage Shirts and Prints)

Matching Ohio History Gifts (Vintage Shirts and Prints)

Toledo, Ohio has a lot of cool places that we love to show off on vintage t-shirts.

Sometimes our love for a specific place can't be contained on just a shirt. In those instances, we find other opportunities to share that love. 

Historical Art Prints On T-Shirts

roche de boeuf shirt and art print

One of our favorite gift items that pairs well with our shirts is the matching art prints. 

The illustrations were created by local artist Maura Amato. You might recognize her classic black on white landscape style from murals around town and some of our shirts. 

Ever since our University Hall shirt that she designed, we had so many rave reviews from our customers on her designs that we've incorporated them into even more shirts. 

As pictured above you can see the illustration and shirt paying tribute to Roche de Beouf in Waterville, Ohio.

Below is the Pythian Castle shirt that matches the illustration from the Toledo coloring book. (Read here for history on the Pythian Castle in Toledo.)

pythian castle art print and t-shirt

Ohio Coloring Books For All Ages

In addition to the prints and t-shirts, we have three coloring books that Maura has illustrated. If you love the city of Toledo, the Old West End, or the city of Columbus, then you going to have a lot of fun coloring (or admiring) these pages.

These state of Ohio themed coloring books are great gifts for people of all ages and are a reminder of all of the things that make the Buckeye State special.

It's always been our mission to highlight reasons we're proud to be from Toledo and Ohio. All of these items, the shirts, art prints, and coloring books, are creative ways to show or share your love and pride in your home. 

Shop For Ohio Coloring Books In Toledo

Our shirts and coloring books are all available in our online store. The art prints can only be found in our Toledo gift stores.

Next time you’re in the store, come check out some of the coolest places to wear or showcase in your home state of Ohio!

John Amato launched Jupmode with a single shirt idea - the Jim Tressel Sweater Vest T-Shirt. He brings his dog Penny to work with him nearly every day, is an avid gardener and sourdough bread baker, and loves to spend his time outside of work with his family. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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