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Check out our newest releases!
Knee High By The 4th of July Shirt (Midwestern Shirt)

Knee High By The 4th of July Shirt (Midwestern Shirt)

knee high by the fourth of july t-shirt

If you're from Iowa, Indiana, Ohio or pretty much any other Midwestern state, you grew up around fields of corn. And that's a point of pride.

One of the best things about a Midwest Summer is having fresh sweet corn at every cookout. Every year you look forward to it and it always lives up to expectations. 

What Does Knee High By the 4th of July Mean?

Have you ever heard of this saying? If you’re from the Midwest you probably have.

We can also tell you how important it is to farmers that their corn is at least knee high by the 4th of July. This is an old saying which is used to measure the success of their corn crop by the middle of the summer. If it's at least knee high, then that farmer is having a good year. If it's not, they're in trouble.

This corn shirt is our newest in our ever growing line of Midwesterner apparel and gifts. We want to share our love the Midwest with everyone and remind you of what makes Middle America so great. 

From our popular Midwesterner embroidered crew to our Euchre shirt, we've got everything you need to let everyone know that 'Heck Yes! Midwest!'.

Grab your Knee High by the 4th of July shirt now for some ultimate summer fun! Bonus points if you wear it to the Field of Corn in Dublin, Ohio.

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Vivian Williamson - May 29, 2021

please let me know when available again!!!

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