Last Call! Support Seagate Food Bank with this Nourish Your Community t-shirt

by Molly Joyce

March 31st is the last day to get your Nourish Your Community t-shirt benefitting Seagate Food Bank

$5 from every shirt sale of this limited edition shirt will be donated to Seagate Food Bank to help provide the sustenance necessary for growth and health for people in our local community.

Nourish Your Community t-shirt benefitting Seagate Food Bank

How do I get a t-shirt? 

Shirts are available for purchase in stores or online! Shirts must be purchased by the end of day on March 31st.

Why Seagate Food Bank? 

There is only one independent food bank in Ohio. Can you guess who that is? If you guessed Seagate Food Bank, you're correct! Seagate Food Bank is a staff of 11 with many volunteers who work to provide food and support to members of our community, including not only food pantries but also veterans, the elderly, families, and more. 

While their core service is distributing food, Seagate Food Bank also offers a variety of service programs to help community members. 

For more information on how to get involved and help Seagate Food Bank, check out these options here: 

Did you know we have a Community Shirt Club? 

Every 60 days we partner with different charities and non-profit organizations that are impacting the Toledo community in positive ways. We create a shirt and help raise money through the t-shirt sale to support their missions. 

The Community Shirt Club is for anyone who wants to automatically get a each Community Shirt! Shirts are shipped on the first of the month meaning club members are among the first people to get a shirt as well as a 20% discount on every shirt! 

You can pause, edit, or cancel your Community Club membership anytime, no questions asked. It's easy and hassle free to do online! 


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