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Joe Murphy and his Ice House Quartette

Joe Murphy composed the song “We’re Strong for Toledo” in 1906. Three years later he formed his Ice House Quartette to perform the song. The quartette sang “everything from grand opera numbers to barber shop harmonies all over the United States. Joe and his bunch toured Europe in 1927, sang on the radio in Paris where the program was announced in seven languages.” The Ice House Quartette ranged in members from 4 to 40 and “performed in the garb of the iceman”. In 1950 the song was published for the first time on a record.


This Thursday, August 18th, we will be honoring Joe, his song, and his Ice House Quartette with the release of our “We’re Strong for Toledo” t-shirt. Four bands will perform the song live. The event is free and you are encouraged to sing along.

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