Are you a Downtowner? (New Shirt)

by Molly Joyce

If there's one thing that's to be true, no matter where you live, downtown is the heart of the city and is full of life.

We created this new shirt to celebrate Downtowners everywhere!

From local restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, and sporting events, there's always fun to be had. 

Candid of downtowner

Here at Jūpmode, we wanted to recognize the downtown community. The downtown life is unlike any other in the sense that someone is always ready to grab a bite to eat or take a walk around town with you and check out all of the local shops, restaurants, and attractions.

Downtowners take a lot of pride in living in such a vibrant, fun place where there's never a dull moment. 

To our Toledo natives living in downtown T-town, we know that the 419 has so much to offer and what's better than living in the heart of it all?

Having Promenade Park for summer concerts, Huntington Center for the best hockey games, Fifth-Third Field for minor league baseball fun, and awesome locally-owned businesses within walking distance is hard to beat. 

With our new Downtowner t-shirt, you'll be able to show off your pride and downtown status. On your next visit to your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or stroll around town, stay comfortable and stylish in your newest favorite t-shirt. 

Whether you live downtown or are a downtowner at heart, you can grab your shirt here or in stores now! 


  • Comment Author: John Amato

    Holly, we’ll shoot you an email and take care of this for you. Thanks for getting in touch.

  • Comment Author: Holly Stein

    Dear Jupmode,

    I love my “Explore Ohio” shirt but recently noticed the shirt material.has a huge amount of piling, tiny little balls of material on the shirt. Is there anyway to get a replacement…I annual.monthly.member and really love this one.


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