Celebrate Ohio Every Month! [Ohio Shirt of the Month]

by Molly Joyce

The Ohio Shirt Club delivers brand new Ohio t-shirts to your door each month! Join the club soon, our May shirt will be sent out before you know it! 

Ohio Shirt Club - May Shirt of the Month

As a small business in Ohio, we make it a priority to celebrate Ohio and everything we love about it.

That's why we created the Ohio Shirt Club!

Every month, we create a brand new Ohio-themed t-shirt for you to share your Ohio love with the world.  

At just $18 a month, you'll get a new, comfy t-shirt that is designed and printed right here in Ohio! 

As a club member, you won't only get a cool new t-shirt every month, you'll also get free shipping on ALL jupmode.com orders.

For more information on the club, check out our FAQs

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