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Why Students Love Our Bowling Green State University Apparel

Why Students Love Our Bowling Green State University Apparel

We have always been proud of our Bowling Green State University apparel

Bowling Green BG Logo Shirt

As a company with several BGSU alums, we feel we have a connection to Bowling Green students, graduates, and fans that other clothing companies can't match. What's better than a BGSU Falcon designing shirts for other Falcons?

Over the years, we've had many Bowling Green shirts and designs come and go. Sometimes it's hard to believe we've been making BG apparel for nearly a decade.

Bowling Green State University vintage t-shirt

One thing we always try to do is keep our Bowling Green State University apparel fresh and updated. Like many of our designs, our BG graphics are vintage inspired. For our money, that aren't many logos as great as the old Vintage BGSU Falcon

It can be tough to continually come up with new designs each year. Not only is the idea generation difficult, but, to be honest, brown and orange aren't the most popular clothing colors. 

Bowling Green State University Crop Crew Sweatshirt

Last year we released a few new designs on trendy garments that we love. Our Ay Ziggy Zoomba crop top, BG heavyweight crew sweatshirt, and women's vintage Falcon v-neck are items that you're not going to find in the standard Bowling Green bookstores. 

The Bowling Green State University corded crop crew sweatshirt was our most popular. Women absolutely raved about this garment. It's perfect for fall football games and winter hockey games. The garment dyed washed and cropped look make it comfortable and stylish.

With students already getting ready to go back to school, we're working hard on new Bowling Green apparel. We have new ideas lined up and ready to go that we know you're going to love. 

We'll update you when they're ready! 




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